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Don’t Compromise Justice, Prosecute the Suspects Without Further Delay – Y.W.G Urges Oyo State Commissioner of Police

Don't Compromise Justice, Prosecute the Suspects Without Further Delay - Y.W.G Urges Oyo State Commissioner of Police

Don’t Compromise Justice, Prosecute the Suspects Without Further Delay – Y.W.G Urges Oyo State Commissioner of Police

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Let everyone be told, that Justice must prevail. The Oyo State Police needs to be told that this matter has gone beyond what anyone can manipulate.

Re: Justice for Barrister Lawal (3)

*The National President of the popular Socio-Cultural Group in Nigeria, Ogbeni Abdulhakeem Adegoke Alawuje has called on the Commissioner of Police in Oyo State to face the reality of the case on Barrister Waheed Olatunde Lawal and the Bale of Ilua, Mr. Ajani Kilani Azeez Omofeya*

Alawuje said, that some of us will not keep quiet until the perpetrators of the jungle justice are prosecuted and justice is manifestly seen to have been done in this case.

The Yoruba Welfare Group will soon address a press conference on the matter and expose whoever tries to cover the truth.

Without stampeding the Police, Nigerians need to know, how long does it takes to investigate a case of kidnapping, conspiracy, assault and public molestation of a victim. This is an offence that was allegedly committed on the 13th of November 2023 at Ilua, Saki in Oyo State of Nigeria.

It’s on record that the suspects reported themselves to the DPO of the Nigeria Police, Divisional Police Headquarters, Saki and were detained on the same date.

On the 14th of November 2023, the Area Commander while exercising his own superior authority, commanded the DPO to transfer the case file to him and in his own wisdom decided to release the suspects on the 14th of November 2023 as if nothing happened.

Unfortunately, the suspects felt they had won the case and in jubilation released the video clip of the assault on Barr. Lawal to humiliate him in public.

Due to ignorance, the Baale implicated the Area Commander, Saki West in a video he made that the said Area Commander gave them the order to help the police to arrest Barr. Lawal. To date, that aspect has not been investigated by the Commissioner of Police Oyo State.

The video of the scene of crime recorded and released to the public by the suspects themselves establishes their conspiracy and commission of the offences of assault, trial by ordeals. They tied the hands of a lawyer with over two decades of experience and a man in his sixties.

The young man Mubarak Waheed who was the illegal interrogator in the video and his father Waheed Yusuf were not invited by the police, even though their names were mentioned in the statements made to the police and their faces shown at the scene of the crimes.

The YWG wants to know whether the young man, Azeez Akeem Olowosokedile who gave the highest-sounding slap in that viral video has been arrested. If not, then we need to ask the CP Oyo State, why?

It’s on record that the kingpin and mastermind of the alleged criminal offences, Mr. Kilani Ajani Azeez Omofoyewa, the baale of Ilua and the supposed custodian of culture and the wellbeing of the community was watching and his face was beaming with smiles and satisfaction when Barrister Lawal was being assaulted.

We doubt if this piece of evidence can be suppressed by anybody. The video has gone viral. The Yoruba Welfare Group does not want terrorism and breach of public peace in Yoruba land. The mandate of YWG is to protect Yorubaland and defend the honour and welfare of Yoruba anywhere. Whether from Yoruba against Yoruba or another ethnic group against Yoruba. Injustice to one is an injustice to all.

Moreover, Bar Waheed Olatunde Lawal is a member of YWG and an illustrious son of Yoruba who is always ready to contribute his own quota to the development of Yoruba land, particularly Okeogun.

We feel strongly that if the CP Oyo State does not bring the perpetrators of these dastardly acts to justice by prosecuting them. them, they will do worse than this in future while others may also join in committing such crimes. Those who assaulted a senior lawyer could take on a serving or retired judge or any other profession in the future.

The Inspector General of Police may be invited to take up this matter and do a proper investigation if the Oyo State Police Commissioner felt he didn’t want to step on toes

We heard it on good authority and documentary evidence that this Baale has become notorious in Saki because of his background as a former NURTW member even though the union has become reformed in Yorubaland today. We have quite a good number of them as friends and supporters of noble cause. If proper investigation is done, many other facts will emerge about Mr Ajani Azeez Omofeya.

The reason why the Yoruba Welfare Group cannot remain silent over this criminal act of the baale is that Yoruba Culture and Traditions, the Stool of Baale are concerned and desecrated. The palace should be a place of tranquillity and honour. Any person who enters a palace with tears should come out with smiles. Palaces are where disputes are settled and people are reconciled. In the olden days, the only people who received punishment after a fair hearing were criminals.

The Yoruba Welfare Group undertakes to further investigate how this minor baale is behaving to the paramount ruler of the ancient city. Is he cooperative and subordinate to a first-class oba of Okeogun? We wish to meet the Council of Okeogun Traditional Rulers on this matter to conduct further enquiry.

Once again, we call on the police to do their job and leave the rest to the court of justice.

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