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Japa: Nigerians Share Visa Denial Experiences

Japa: Nigerians Share Visa Denial Experiences

Japa: Nigerians Share Visa Denial Experiences

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Netizens on X have recounted their experiences and reactions after they were denied visa applications.

An X user, Mz_Tosyn, on Wednesday, posted how she headed straight to a restaurant to get food and drinks after she was denied her US visa application, and “ate like no future.”

She wrote, “The last time I was denied US visa šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£ I headed straight to Amoke Alamala in Shomolu, I bought Amala, 2 goat meat, 3 fresh fish, tinu eran and drinks and I went home got naked and ate like no future.”

Her tweet has since begun to garner a lot of reaction from other users as they also shared their experiences on how they handled visa denial.

A tweep, Iamharphyz, replied, “Lol šŸ˜‚ mine was funny sha coz I was actually happy I got denied šŸ¤£šŸ¤£ coz Covid for hold me for there and I made better money during covid.ā€

Officialsommy41 commented, “The last time I was denied, I went back to the hotel room and told my peeps then ate and slept like nothing happened.”

Tutuj14 wrote, “The first time my husband was denied, we both cried on our way homeā€¦ the second time, we went straight to one lounge drink and eat anything eatable šŸ˜„šŸ˜„ Na from the lounge we even forget say we go embassy.”

Another user, tee_pro1, explained, “I was sad o. I just dey pray make Nigeria better cos if our country good we wonā€™t be at the mercy of an immigration officer. You will hardly see europeans making japa videos to us.”

Mooyosore tweeted, “My first visa denial. I got home poured anointing oil on the letter and started kabashin. I still went ahead to book my flight & I hoped a miracle will happen. Last last na breakfast I chop after I appealed the decision. The following year, I applied to the UK, and got it.”

Expressing how the visa denial affected his mental health, TundeOlademiji wrote, “The day I got a refusal visa to join my wife in the UK as dependent I got depression and my mental health was affected.”

Biodun_alao wrote, “Omo. I feel for those who get denied on the spot after thinking you’ve answered correctly and properly. The atmosphere is always tensed. The last time I was there, like 5 people got denied before me.ā€

Stanleyndu stated, “Iā€™ll just say that Lagos US visa place is an obstacle. How can you spend your money and get rejected with no refund, just one pamphlet that doesnā€™t explain nothing or makes you feel better. The numb sadness that comes with getting rejected that US visa is hard to explain.”


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