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Labour Party Crises Are Small Compared To Nigeria’s Problems – Peter Obi

Labour Party Crises Are Small Compared To Nigeria’s Problems – Peter Obi


The presidential candidate of the Labour Party in the February 2023 general election in Nigeria, Mr. Peter Obi, has said that Nigeria’s problems are far bigger than the crises that his party is presently experiencing.

He made the remarks during an appearance on an interactive online session with Nigerians.

The former Anambra State governor told the host Rudolf Okonkwo that though he doesn’t have control over the Labour Party, he is confident that the crises rocking it will soon be resolved amicably.

“Whatever is happening in the Labour Party is so minute compared to what is happening in the country. So, for me, it is something we will resolve amicably, and it is not anything to worry about. Let’s worry about the country and how the average Nigeria would be able to have a means of livelihood to feed themselves,” he said.

During the session, the former governor also spoke extensively on sundry issues. Commenting on insinuations that he does not use his influence as the leader of the Labour Party to ensure the party conducts itself orderly, Mr. Obi said that he has no interest in being the party’s leader but only to make sure things are done properly.

“We have a more desperate situation to make the party function properly. Parties are just a means to be able to contest elections, and being the leader of a party does not reduce the price of food. What I want to see is that the average Nigerian lives in a society where they have access to education, access to healthcare and a means of livelihood,” Obi said.

He also reiterated that he has moved on following the final decision of the Supreme Court on the presidential election, even though he does not agree with it.

On the need for the Labour Party to make accounts of campaign funds available to the public, Obi said that he could only encourage everyone who received funds to account for them.

“The party account is not under my control,” he explained. “We have appointed an external auditor to look into it, and anytime they come up with their results, we will make it public. Monies were received by different groups, and I have said that people who received money should account for it. You have seen one of the campaign accounts managed by Aisha Yesufu, which she has made public.

“We have asked everyone at all levels who collected campaign funds to account for it. It is necessary,” he said.

The presidential candidate further said that he is going to go around to the places where they think people made donations to say thank you. “If I received their donation, I will let them know, and if I didn’t, I will also let them know so they will know who they gave it to and ask questions.”

Responding to a question on whether he would be willing to tell Nigerians about his assets, the former governor said he couldn’t talk about his assets because he was not in power. “It is not necessary for me to say my assets, but what I can tell Nigerians is that I am not a poor man, and nobody can accuse me of stealing government money,” he said.

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