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Man crucified with real nails while playing Jesus on Good Friday 

Man crucified with real nails while playing Jesus on Good Friday

Ruben Enaje, a carpenter and sign painter from the Philippine province of Pampanga, submitted to crucifixion for the 35th time on Good Friday.
This year, he decided to carry out this controversial act for peace in Ukraine, the Gaza Strip and other hot spots around the world, reports the AP agency.
The tradition of crucifixion on Good Friday has a long history in the Philippines. It all started in the 1950s when a local playwright wrote a play about the last days of Jesus. The performance of this play led to the first crucifixion in 1962, which over time turned into an annual tradition attracting both believers and tourists.
This year, in the village of San Pedro Cutud, 10 penitents submitted to crucifixion. This event attracted approximately one hundred observers.
Enaje, despite his advanced age, decided to continue this practice even though he was considering ending it. He was motivated by the fact that he could not disappoint the villagers who asked him to pray for the sick and needy. Enaje concluded that in the face of current conflicts and wars in the world, prayer is needed now more than ever.
The beginning of Enaje’s participation in the ritual is related to a miracle he experienced in his youth when he fell from the roof of a three-story house and was not injured. His dedication was strengthened as his loved ones recovered from serious illnesses.
After the crucifixion, which is carried out by participants dressed as Roman centurions, the penitents spend about 10 minutes on the crosses. There was also a Polish tourist who wanted to “understand what Easter is in a completely different part of the world.”
Despite disapproval from church authorities who emphasise that Filipinos can demonstrate faith and piety without harming themselves, passion rituals have been practised in the Philippines for decades. Church authorities suggest engaging in charity work or donating blood for the sick instead of self-flagellation.
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