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“My Husband Allows Me to date Other Men and even finds them on dating apps for me – I’m so lucky,” Wife Says

"My Husband Allows Me to date Other Men and even finds them on dating apps for me - I'm so lucky," Wife Says

“My Husband Allows Me to date Other Men and even finds them on dating apps for me – I’m so lucky,” Wife Says

A woman claims she’s the “luckiest wife in the world” because her husband happily lets her date other men.

Alexandra Le Tissier has been married to her husband Mitch for over ten years, and after the couple felt their marriage was getting “a little bit boring” they decided to spice things up and date other people.

Formerly being in a monogamous relationship, Alex and Mitch from Southampton use dating apps, and Mitch even helps his wife find matches to go on dates with.

Alex makes it clear that she loves Mitch so much and is so pleased with how “open-minded he is about it all.

Alex, who is also an OnlyFans model, was thrilled when husband Mitch agreed when she asked if she could download a dating app.

She said: “He’s pretty open-minded. He’s not judging in any way, so he’s absolutely fine with it. The only rule we have is that it can only be for fun. It can’t be anything serious. He’s really not interested in doing it himself, which is really funny to me.”

Alex has not yet gone on a date with any of the men she is chatting with but she is looking forward to what the future may hold. She’s decided only to meet up with someone in person after they’ve been chatting for a few weeks. It’s also vital that whoever she goes on a date with has her husband’s approval.

The pair chose Bumble because it allows women the chance to initiate contact but Alex admitted that since it’s her first time using a dating app, she’s made a few rookie mistakes.

She revealed: “I did accidentally swipe away like a barrister and I was absolutely gutted. I was like, ‘No!’ I think a few people have tweaked onto who I am from OnlyFans, and some people have paid to super swipe me to get my attention.”

Occasionally, she even lets Mitch swipe for her because he knows her type. More often than not, she likes geeky guys.

While Alex and her husband are content with their most recent relationship development, not everyone agrees with it. Even though Alex joined with her husband’s consent, when she told people on Twitter that she was on Bumble, some people contacted Mitch to let him know.

“It’s just really funny that people think that I would just do it without letting him know – and then post it on my Twitter. People are weird. I just think that was a bit shady,” Alex said.

Alex anticipates having far more enjoyable relationships in the future, and she claimed that using dating apps has already made her feel closer to her husband.

She concluded: “It’s going to be a lot more fun now I don’t need to live my entire life with the same person over and over.”

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