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My wife posted her nude pictures on social media, I want divorce —Husband

•I’m finished if he divorces me, please help me beg him —Wife Husband Wants Divorce

A man, Idris Taofeek has dragged his wife of four years, Ayisat Taofeek  before Oja Oba/ Mapo Court C Customary Court, seeking that it dissolved their union.

Idris in his divorce suit stated that Ayisat was disobedient and non challant about his welfare and that of their only child.

He added that she moved with women who are morally bankrupt which was against his will.

The plaintiff further said that his wife made him a source of ridicule among his neighbours and friends when she displayed her obscene pictures on the social media.

Idris told the court he no longer loved his wife. He, therefore, prayed it to end their marriage.

Ayisat did not assent to the dissolution of their marriage.

The defendant admitted posting her obscene pictures on the social media, but pleaded that their marriage be not dissolved. According to her, her husband was all that she had.

“My lord, my wife is an embarrassment to me. She brings nothing but shame to my name. I’ve had enough of her atrocities, I want her out of my life, “Idris stated while giving his testimony.

He further said that, “Ayisat and I are always having misunderstanding because she has no respect for me. She readily flouts my orders and has no regard for my opinion.

“Ayisat doesn’t care about my welfare and that of our only child because she is always out of the house. She leaves home without my consent and returns whenever she pleases. She, therefore, sends me and our only child on compulsory fasting because she was hardly ever around to prepare our meals.

“My wife is always found in the company of women who are morally bankrupt and this displeases me. I often complain about this but she refused to change. There were times I sat her down and made her understand the consequences of being found among such women but she turned deaf ears to me.

“My lord, Ayisat did the unpardonable which spurred my decision to come to court.

“She posted obscene pictures of herself on the social media. She turned me into a laughing stock before our friends and neighbours. My family members also couldn’t hide their displeasure when they saw these.

“I took our child to my mother for proper care because my wife failed in her duties towards us and I’m happy she’s faring well there.

“My lord, I implore this honourable court to separate my wife and I. I can’t tolerate her any longer, “the plaintiff said.

“My plea before this court is that it does not separate us. My husband is my life. He made me. He’s my all in all. If you separate us, I’m finished, “Ayisat entreated the court.

“I admit to all that my husband said about me. It is true he warned me against moving  with a particular friend of mine who was always misleading me but I remained adamant.

“I took the pictures he made mentioned of in her house but I didn’t know it was going to generate such negative reactions on the social media.

“I have apologised to my husband over and over again but he refused to forgive me.

“My lord, my mother in-law is the one fueling the crisis between me and my husband. She hates me.

“I appeal to this honourable court to help beg my husband. I have changed from my bad ways, “she begged.

The court president, Chief Ademola Odunade, pronouncing judgment, declared their marriage dissolved.

He ordered their child to remain in the plaintiff’s custody, that is with his mother.


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