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Nigerian man makes it in US, builds company worth over N22bn despite challenges

Tope Awotona

A Nigerian man, Tope Awotona, overcame his childhood challenges and became really successful.

After trying out many entrepreneurial ideas, the man launched a startup called Calendly which was later worth millions of dollars. Tope said after everything he has achieved, he wished his parents were alive to see how great he turned out.

A Nigerian man, Tope Awotona, is a perfect example of the resilience Nigerians possess which always makes them succeed no matter the challenges.

Following the death of his father, the man promised that he will make him proud by becoming a successful entrepreneur. According to Ankith Harathi who shared the story, the life of Tope took a grim turn as a child when he saw his father shot by men who demanded his car key.

It should be noted that before his death, the father had quit his 9-5 job to run his own startup. After that horrible event, his mother moved him and his siblings to the US.

Upon his university graduation, Tope had a stint with some jobs before he started working for Perceptive Software as a salesperson in America. Despite his huge success at the company, he was very much interested in creating his own. A speech by the founder of Perceptive at a meeting further stoked his passion for entrepreneurship.

Tope’s mother was diagnosed with cancer around the time that he wanted to build his ideas. The road became rough. After many failed ideas, the man started Calendly, an app that enables people to schedule meetings without going through the hassles of emails.

Seven years later, Calendly has over 20 million subscribers and more than $60m (N22,875,000,000) yearly revenue. His mother died the same year Calendly was born.


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