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No one Hate You, Rather, you Made Yourselves Not To Be Trusted by Nigerians – Alawuje

No one Hate You, Rather, you Made Yourselves Not To Be Trusted by Nigerians - Alawuje

No one Hate You, Rather, you Made Yourselves Not To Be Trusted by Nigerians – Alawuje

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Yoruba Welfare Group National President, Ogbeni Adegoke Alawuje has burst out the truth that can liberate the people of the South East.

Call me names, I am less concerned, but the truth must be said, however bitter it may seem.

It is only some of us who want the best and equal share to all regions in Nigeria who can tell you guys the bitter truth without care for whatever name you guys can call us.

You guys have polluted your entire children and the incoming generation deeply and unfortunately. This is so because recent events have shown how your new generations have negative impressions of this country. A strong indication that even your unborn generation would be infected by the hate virus.

How can we rightly place and fathom the unfortunate scene that played out in Germany recently:

A brainwashed youngster, Chinelo Eucharia Lenson, entered the female Under-20 Athletics tournament in Germany as a Nigerian. Reports had it that she initially wanted to participate in the event in the name of Biafra but the organizers did not find any country by the name Biafra on the world map. She was denied, so she participated as a Nigerian. But after qualifying for the following stage in her 100m bit, she chose to celebrate it with the outlawed Biafran flag.

And we have an Ambassador over there. If the government denies her anything tomorrow, It is you people who will shout marginalization and ethnicity. Sometimes I just wonder if some People have Brains at all. Please be the judge, is her action sensible at all?

This is just an Athletics tournament. Using a Nigerian image to qualify but using the Biafra flag to celebrate the qualification into the next stage in the same tournament is quite disgusting.

Anyway, before we collectively join hands to flush your political pollution out of you, we must start by preventing our own children from being polluted by your political ideology and your way of reasoning.

YWG don’t have much to say to the Igbos but enough to talk to the Yoruba sons and daughters to be very careful. Igbos are not to be trusted at all.

You people are birds of the same feather.

They always believed they were smarter and they have a deeper knowledge of everything than other Nigerians.

They are knowledgeable, intelligent and dogged in the area of business and a handful of them are successful in some other areas. Yet, they place themselves in the position that no human can be.

That is why in the general election, they always believed that ten can defeat millions.

Oyo state alone can accommodate the entire people of Southeast. Yet, they will proudly tell you that the Anambra state vote alone can win the entire Nigerian vote.

This demonstration of this lady alone will make it difficult for any Nigerian with his right senses to give his or her vote to you during any election.

The elders in the East should quickly call this girl to order and immediately apologise to Nigeria for that stupid belief of hers.

She should know that she is not embarrassing Nigeria at all but embarrassing her region and her immediate family members.

Yoruba sons and daughters should be warned. If you trust them on a religious basis, they are not part of you. if you have any feelings for them they will definitely betray you.

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