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NSCEA Commends Permanent Representative of Israel to UN on Christian Killings in Nigeria

NSCEA Commends Permanent Representative of Israel to UN on Christian Killings in Nigeria

NSCEA Commends Permanent Representative of Israel to UN on Christian Killings in Nigeria

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Nigerian Supreme Council for Ecclesiastical Affairs
(NSCEA) thankfully commends the Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan
as Israel took a bold step, taking the bull by the horn and acted in positive direction, by speaking , “Against Nigerian Muslims Who had Slaughtered 200 Christians On Christmas Eve Amid Hamas War,” in a report on Jan 16, 2024.

NSCEA says, “We are happy and relieved for the report of the Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, last week.” in the words of Bishop Prof. Funmilayo Adesanya-Davies, the Secretary General,
Nigerian Supreme Council for Ecclesiastical Affairs (NSCEA). “God bless Israel real good, she prayed”.

“The Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, last week, reported the Nigerian Muslims whom he said killed 200 Christians on Christmas Eve to United Nations Security Council Meeting.

Gilad, while speaking at the United Nations Security Council Meeting on January 12th, raised discussions about the killings in Jos, Plateau State, saying the killings in Nigeria should be given priority.

He further urged the UN not to only focus on the Israel-Hamas war, but also to other conflicts worldwide including the killing of Christians by Muslims in Nigeria.

In a video showing him speaking at the UN meeting, which he shared on X via @giladerdan1 on Saturday, Gilad said, “On Christmas (eve), 200 Nigerian Christians were murdered by Muslims (in Plateau)” and “over the past decade, 50,000 Christians in Nigeria” have been killed. “Is this even a concern of the council?” He queried, saying, “Again, no Jews, No News.”

Gilad’s post on X that accompanied the video further read, “No Jews, no news! What a disgrace. The Security Council convened for the 21st time in order to aid Gaza and pressure Israel. Meanwhile, Pakistan is expelling more than a million Afghans, and over the past decade, 50,000 Christians have been (killed) in Nigeria. But the council hasn’t met once to focus on and address these crises. Why? Because if Israel can’t be bashed, the UN couldn’t care less! Disgraceful!”

Meanwhile, some communities in Plateau State have vowed to resort to self defence if the killings and destruction of properties by armed bandits continue.

Bishop Prof. Adesanya-Davies says, NSCEA is grateful to Israel for this acknowledgement of massive slaughter of Christians in Nigeria in the name of prosecution; while we believe that Israel would still have to be involved much more by maximally taking more decisive steps to support the Christian communities in Nigeria in the nearest future.

According to the Washington Post, “Islamist militia Hamas launched an assault and took captives following the 50th anniversary of the start of the 1973 Yom Kippur war. The confrontation, which has killed at least 40 Israelis and injured at least 740, is one of the most serious in years after weeks of rising tensions along the volatile border..”

“The world watches in horror as violence in the Gaza strip has escalated rapidly. Although tensions have been strong between those in Israel and those in Palestine, building up even more so over the past few years, today we have witnessed air raids, retaliations, and rockets being launched between Israel and Hamas, a militant Palestinian group. Hundreds of people have been injured, and dozen have died. Our Dear Heavenly Father, today we lift up the nation of Israel in prayer and all those involved in the conflict, that the Lord will provide protection, peace, and safety for those caught in the crossfire, amen.

Again, as we watch the events in Israel unfold in the news, we are at a loss for words. So much violence, so much hurting, so much fear as we imagine those in Israel and in Palestine must be experiencing right now. We again pray that you protect those who are in the midst of this escalation of violence right now. Please shelter the people from harm, get families to safety, and shield them with your peace and protection, amen.

God, although we do not know what will happen in Israel in the next few days, ww do know that you have protected them in the past. You are the God of the nation of Israel! You have protected them from enemies throughout history, and you will not fail to do so now. We continue to lift up the nation of Israel to you, and trust that you will set everything right with your righteous hand (Isaiah 41:10). Amen.

As the Scripture says, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:
“May they prosper who love you.
“May peace be within your walls,
And prosperity within your palaces.”
For the sake of my brothers and my friends,
We now say, “May peace be within you.”
For the sake of the house of the Lord our God,
I will seek your good.
(Psalm 122:6-9).

Heavenly Father, The psalmist tells us to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” So we pray for peace for Your chosen people, Israel, and their beloved city today.

We know “You have planned for Israel, provided for Israel, and protected Israel for thousands of years. But as in days of old, there are those today who seek to harm, even destroy, Your people. So we ask You to keep Israel in Your loving care. We pray you put a spiritual hedge of protection around Your people and their land.

Watch over this nation as a Good Shepherd watches over His flock, and may Your chosen people find their ultimate safety and security in You. While You watch over Your people, may Your Spirit awaken in them a hunger to embrace their Messiah—the One who died for them—until they see Him face-to-face. We pray this in His name, Amen.

In the past, “Israel is no stranger to having enemies, and they have had such conflicts of these since they came to be a nation during the time of the patriarchs. The Bible does have a lot to say about what will happen with Israel in the Last Days, and perhaps we are seeing a great deal of this prophecy being fulfilled now. Although none of us know the day or hour in which Christ will return, we can watch the nation of Israel, as well as other prophetic signs, for when the Day will fast approach. Keep the entire Body of Christ to be ready for the rapture and keep us rapturable in Jesus Christ precious name, amen.

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