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Piracy: Femi Adebayo Wins N25 Million Copyright Law Suit Against Media Film

Piracy: Femi Adebayo Wins N25 Million Copyright Law Suit  Against Media Film

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Femi Adebayo


Nigerian Film Producer Femi Adebayo has been awarded a sum of N25 million in a lawsuit that involves his company and an unnamed YouTube content aggregator.

In a post via his X page on Tuesday, the 45-year-old, known for his roles in Yoruba films, detailed his struggles and recent court victory.

The film star also highlighted the adverse effects of piracy on the growth of the Nigerian movie industry.

Adebayo said a media company, which owns a radio station and distributes content on YouTube, used the poster and title of ‘Survival of Jelili’, his movie, to promote another film, thereby misleading fans and diverting revenue.

The movie star said he pursued legal action and after three years of litigation, the court ruled in his favor, awarding him N25 million.

The actor, who did not mention the company’s name, described the victory as “a win for all of Nollywood”.

He said he had been a “victim of movie pirates” and always ensures that he never “spares them”.

“The YouTube Channel overlayed promotional materials of his 2019 theatrical movie “Survival of Jelili” to hoax audiences into believing they were watching the actual film. This deception boosted the views of another YouTube title that earned unaccounted revenue streams over a period of time.”

“Bola Adebowale and Co represented Femi Adebayo in the court proceedings that lasted for 3 years. The judge ruled in favour and gave a judgement that will see the aggregator pay money damages of up to N25M.”

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