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Political leaders, Monarchs gather in Lagos to Mark Okpe union 94th Anniversary 

Political leaders, Monarchs gather in Lagos to Mark Okpe union 94th Anniversary

The 94th anniversary of the Okpe Union will take place in Obalende, Lagos, on Saturday, May 18, 2024.

Members of Okpe Union from all the branches in Nigeria and abroad will gather at Okpe Union House.

‘’A number of high-profile political leaders, including local, state and federal officials are thrilled to join hands and celebrate the progress we have made in Okpe Union’’.

A statement issued in Lagos Wednesday by the Chairman of the 94th Anniversary Committee, Patrick Akpotor says: “Let us make this Okpe Union Anniversary Day a moment to recall that we have the answers to the development challenges facing Okpe Kingdom’’

This gathering is to increase awareness of the conditions facing the Okpe Nation, provide answers on problems bedevilling Nigeria and celebrate the 94th anniversary of the Okpe Union.

‘’The event is Saturday, May 18, 2024, at 10:00 a.m.’’.

Okpe Union was founded in 1930. The primary purpose of Okpe Union is to unify Okpe people, seek remedies to problems in the kingdom and develop action programs for the development of the kingdom.

‘’The Union is helping to drive development and investment in Okpe Kingdom, increasing responsible and accountable leadership in Okpeland’’.

High on the anniversary programme will be promotion of Okpe culture and the relevance of Okpe language to children and adults.

‘’Okpe Union Day exists to raise awareness and celebrate what makes Okpe culture unique. Since its inception in 1930, Okpe Union Day has been celebrated through major activities. At 94, this milestone offers us the unique opportunity to acknowledge the tireless effort of our founders while celebrating the achievements of the union’’.

The leaders will also focus on policy implementation and accountability in Delta State.

‘’There will be champagne, Okpe food and entertainment’’.

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