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Shaibu Removal: Why Obaseki Chose Me – New Edo Deputy Governor

Shaibu Removal: Why Obaseki Chose Me – New Edo Deputy Governor

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Marvellous Godwins Omobayo, the newly appointed deputy governor of Edo State, has explained why he was chosen.
Omobayo’s appointment followed the removal of Comrade Philip Shaibu by the state House of Assembly, which indicted him for revealing government secrets.
Shaibu, the former deputy governor, was elected alongside Governor Godwin Obaseki in 2016.

Both of them sought reelection and won in 2020 despite leaving the All Progressives Congress (APC) for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) shortly before that year’s election.
However, Shaibu fell out with the governor after bidding to succeed him.
Speaking after he was inaugurated by Governor Obaseki in Benin on Monday, Omobayo quoted Obaseki to have said the decision to make him his deputy came from God.

He said: “Why me? This was the million naira question l asked His Excellency, Governor Godwin Obaseki when he gave me the surprise invitation for a dialogue about this job a couple of days ago.
“His answer was simple and direct: ‘God!’ He elaborated further: ‘I looked through my history books and discovered that Akoko-Edo has never served in this capacity.

I talked to a few key leaders from Akoko-Edo, across party lines, and all fingers pointed at you. The ultimate decision, however, came from God, and l could not say no.’ These were the words of His Excellency, Governor Godwin Obaseki, my namesake. A tale of two Godwins, you may say.

“Even though l was dumbfounded, l also could not say no for several reasons. First, my people of Akoko-Edo would never have forgiven me, if l had messed up the only chance God, history and ripe time have given them since creation.

“Second, my mind went straight to the book of Romans in the Bible. In Chapter 9, Verses 15 and 16, God said to Moses: ‘I will show mercy to anyone l choose, and l will show compassion to anyone l choose.’ So, it is God who decides to show mercy and uplift one. We can neither choose it nor work for it.

“I also recall Psalm 75, verses 6 and 7, which says: ‘For promotion cometh neither from the East, nor from the Eest, nor from the South. But the Lord is the Judge,’ who transfers or reshuffle one and elevates another.”

“My Principal, Governor Obaseki, has demonstrated from the outset of his administration that he is aware that Akoko-Edo is being flagrantly marginalised. He therefore took practical steps to bridge the gap, as much as possible.

His first Chief of Staff (CoS), Chief Press Secretary (CPS) and Senior Special Assistant (SSA) on Research, Documentation and Writing were all from Akoko-Edo.”

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