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Stop Influencing People To Hate Me, I have  tolerated you enough, Yul Edochie Warns Estranged Wife, May

Stop Influencing People To Hate Me, I have  tolerate you enough, Yul Edochie Warns Estranged Wife, May

Stop Influencing People To Hate Me, I have tolerated you enough, Yul Edochie Warns Estranged Wife, May

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Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, has cautioned his first wife, May Yul Edochie, urging her to refrain from manipulating public opinion on social media to foster resentment towards him and evoke sympathy for herself.

This comes in response to May Yul Edochie’s recent Instagram post where she reflected on the challenges of 2023, expressing devastation, misery, and confusion over the loss of her loved ones.

May had on Monday said in part, “Dear 2023, you were pregnant on the very first day of Jan. unknown to anyone what you would deliver. “You dealt with me in the most catastrophic ways…. Too many adversities/misfortunes and the worst of it, you stole my own flesh and blood, leaving me in the most devastating, miserable, and confused state that I could never have imagined.

“I lost all hope and nearly gave up, I had too many questions eating me all up but I kept hearing that voice echoing, ‘Who am I to question God?'”

In response to her post, Yul in a post on Instagram on Tuesday, called on May to refrain from manipulating public sentiment against him, emphasising that he has endured enough and will not tolerate it in 2024.

Expressing his frustration, Yul emphasized that he has been silent for too long, in a bid to protect May’s image, while she appears to be actively working against his.

He concluded with a firm declaration that he would not tolerate any further manipulation or attempts to tarnish his reputation in the new year.

He said, “Stop manipulating people on social media to hate me and feel pity for you. I will not take it in 2024. I’ve been silent for long, and I’ve been doing my best to protect your image, while you are doing all you can to destroy mine. Enough.

“God forbid, if you had lost your life while undergoing breast enlargement surgery, which you didn’t tell your husband about, what would people have said? ‘Yul has killed that innocent woman, “Abi? Everybody will be insulting me. Who signed the consent paper? I was out of town then, working. You told me you weren’t feeling too well. I was saying sorry, I didn’t even know what was going on, till much later.

“And you still came out on social media in your calm voice, telling people you had been sick and recovering.

“And they were pitying you and insulting me. Why didn’t you tell them the truth, that you went for breast enlargement surgery? Enough of the manipulation. You have done enough.”

May and Yul Edochie, have three children together.

The couple made headlines last year when Yul embraced polygamy and introduced his new wife, Judy Austin, with whom he welcomed a son, Star Duke Munachimso Yul Edochie, in 2022.

The 16-year-old Kambolichikwu, the first son of May and actor Yul Edochie, who passed after he slumped while playing football in school.


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