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The Female Entertainers that flaunt big boobs with pride

The Female Entertainers that flaunt big boobs with pride

The Nigerian entertainment scene is not only filled with exceptional talents, many pretty women are naturally endowed with curves that others are going under the surgeon’s knife for. NAOMI CHIMA takes a look at female entertainers with the biggest boobs in the industry

Cossy Ojiakor

Once dubbed ‘Nollywood’s queen of boobs’, actress, Cossy Ojiakor’s voluptuous figure has made her a notable figure in the entertainment industry.
Though some women with huge boobs battle with low self-esteem, Cossy’s confidence in her body and refusal to tolerate disrespect highlight her strong sense of self-worth.
Declaring her love for her boobs, the actress claimed that often allowed her fans to touch her boobs for free.
She also stated that though she constantly flaunts her humongous mammary glands, she does not allow anyone to handle them inappropriately. In an earlier interview, she said, “Nobody can walk up to me to do any nonsense. They dare not try it. My boobs are real, full and fresh. When you see good things, it’s okay to appreciate them. But, don’t dare touch them. When I am old and my boobs are not firm any more, I will cover them.”

Ejine Okoroafor
Another actress, Ejine Okoroafor, is blessed with a striking figure, particularly her generous boobs, which never fail to turn heads. In different interviews, she has expressed satisfaction with her natural physique, citing it as a reflection of God’s craftsmanship.
Far from seeing her boobs as a burden, she embraces them as part of her identity, noting that they run in her family.
She once said, “The Bible says that God created me beautifully and wonderfully in His own image, and I don’t have reason to complain. I am in love with myself, and I thank God for blessing me this much.
“How can it be a burden? It is not like I went under the knife to make my breasts this big; it is a natural endowment. I have had big boobs for a long time, and I’m used to them going everywhere with me. Besides, I am not the only one with big boobs in my family, as my sister is also blessed with the same.”

Ada La Pinky
A social media comedienne. Ada Ebere, popularly known as Ada la Pinky, has garnered attention because of her prominent boobs, which she often showcases online. Despite occasional challenges like finding fitting bras, and dealing with discomfort when running or sleeping, Ada says she is appreciative of her ‘natural gifts’, although she humorously admits to considering buttock enlargement for better balance.

She said in an interview, “I cannot run. I find it difficult to run unless I hold my chest. People find it funny. Another challenge is that I can’t sleep on my chest; it has to be either upright or sideways. It was so painful during my growing-up days (because) I loved to sleep on my chest, but sadly I couldn’t. It is also very hard to get my bra size in the market.
“Most times, I buy the biggest size and amend it, especially the hands. Funnily enough, I hardly wear bras, even when going out.”

She also stated that she sometimes feels displeased about the attention she gets because of her breasts. “I feel all the guys that are wooing me are after my boobs. They don’t care to know the real me, but want to have a feel of my boobs,” she said.
Confirming that the boobs are natural, Ada said, “I did not do breast enlargement; they are all-natural. I never liked big boobs. I would have preferred a ‘portable’ size, but here I am, blessed with large ones, and I am grateful. However, I might do butts enlargement to align with my boobs, because I have always been a fan of big booties.”

Ada, who is also a social media influencer, added that she considers her breasts to be her selling point.

Ujunwa Mandy
A budding actress, Uju Mandy, has often said that her curvaceous figure brings her unwanted attention, and sometimes, harassment. She also stated that it often restricted her from doing certain things. She once said in an interview, “My endowments restrict me from doing certain things I usually enjoy. Due to harassment and everyday toasters, I stopped wearing skimpy dresses. The troubles that come with having my type of body are overwhelming.”

This was even as the actress stated that a man once sent her a picture of himself masturbating to her picture; a sight she described as ‘embarrassing’.

Mummy Wa
Kemi Ikuseedun, aka Mummy Wa, is a skit maker and comedienne with a large bosom. However, she has said that she does not enjoy the unwanted attention her big boobs attract. Recounting how some men sexually harass her because of her boobs, she said in an interview, “I think every girl, beautiful or not, has faced sexual harassment before. This includes the way people talk to one, what (messages) some guys send to one, and some physical touches. The movie industry is a hiding place for perverts. That’s the truth, because these days, every girl wants to be an actress. Some guys would seize that opportunity and take advantage of the desperate ones.”

Mummy also added that she sometimes felt depressed because of the unwanted attention. She said, “Sometimes, I feel depressed because I don’t like the attention my physical features attract. Some days, I feel sexy, even though people always look at me with lustful eyes. I am happy with myself, and my body. I love how I look.”

On the kind of woman she fancies, the skit maker said, “I look out for a hardworking man, who is caring and supportive. I am currently dating an entertainer, and I’m hoping we get married someday.”
In another interview, Ikuseedun, who had broken up with the entertainer boyfriend she referenced above, stated that she did not have plans to get married in 2024. She said, “No marriage plans for 2024. Is it not someone who has a man who will be thinking of marriage? (There is) no man in my life at the moment. Women go through struggles every day. People would compliment one, but some others would want to sexualise one. Some men feel like one has to give them something to get whatever they want. Most times, I wish I were not as busty as I am, because of being sexualised.”

Adeyanju Ademiposi (Roman Goddess)
An Internet personality, Adeyanju Ademiposi, Roman Goddess, is one woman who does not hesitate to flaunt her curves.
Despite occasional comparisons with other well-endowed personalities, Adeyanju remains unapologetically herself. She often posts sexy pictures on her social media pages without caring whose ox is gored.

Chioma Love.

Chioma Love is a TikToker and content creator, who gained popularity on social media on account of her huge breasts.
Known for creating content on Instagram and TikTok, where she confidently showcases her humongous bosom, often incorporating them into her dance routines.
She has said that though one of the challenges she faces is finding the right bra size, a particular brand recently came to her rescue in that regard.

Proud and unapologetic about her natural physique, Chioma Love tells anyone who cares to listen that she has never undergone any surgical enhancements.

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