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The unity and collaboration of Nigerian elites will continue tormenting Nigerian masses until we start thinking above ethnic, religious and party affiliations- Tinubu support group.

The unity and collaboration of Nigerian elites will continue tormenting Nigerian masses until we start thinking above ethnic, religious and party affiliations- Tinubu support group.

The problem of Nigeria is primarily the evil of the powerful elite versus the innocent masses; Not really ethnicity or religion.
Whether we like it or not, the present fuel scarcity is part of the battle against the masses, not Tinubu. It is primarily, albeit, unfortunately, meant to just discredit his government.

Comrade Abdulhakeem Adegoke Alawuje has called on the Nigerian masses to shift their reasoning and political consideration completely away from ethnicity and religious sentiment and be fully progressive minds for good governance at all levels.

Imagine even at the National assembly level, we are still experiencing Northern senators, western senators, southern Senators and Eastern Senators.
I always feel sorry for the Nigerian masses whenever I see a political elite moving from one party to the other with thousands of ignorant masses.

Ethnicity and religion are the weapons employed by politicians in the hot race of politics. Politicians have mastered the nitty-gritty of playing their cards and they play it well. The masses, I am sorry, always fall for it.

Nigerians need to start saying the truth, defending the truth, propagating the truth and being ready to always defend the truth no matter whose ox is gored.

Tinubu alone working at the central level without the sincerity and honesty of other branches and arms of the government at the lower rung of the ladder, ranging from the governors, the National assembly, the Judiciary, and even the local government executives cannot take us anywhere.

Thousands of the less privileged Nigerians are in serious frustrations, tribulations and misfortunes. Unfortunately, some of us don’t really identify where myriads of our problems emanate from.

The masse’s conscience is very cheap even below 0.1 percent of their due rights. When they send tokens out of our real well-deserved rights, it turns us into mad men and women just because the system doesn’t even show us our rights at all.

The unity and cooperation within the ranks of the elite have successfully put the Nigerian masses at their mercy. Some of us have the freedom to breathe, yet we will still not until our selected elite masters ask us to breathe.

Thousands of Nigerian masses are dying daily because of their ignorance and slavery mentalities. It’s high time the Nigerian Masses come fully together with the government at the centre and the government at the centre also accommodate them as their children who have nobody except the president, then the battle against the evil elites will be seventy per cent won.

It’s publicly known that the present hardship in the country is artificially made by either the selfish elites or desperate political oppositions that only want the government to fail so that the mass’s minds will be forced to shift to their side in the coming election.

We have 774 local government areas across the country. One single opportune individual representing each of them at the National level and one at the state level. We also have three senators from each state. All these people from the National level to the local level are still part of us. They are from our midst. They should naturally feel our pulse. However, when they got there they united themselves as one club of the elite, enjoying and celebrating the foolishness and the ignorance of the masses they claimed to be representing at the centre of the country.

Just a few of them remember the people they are representing. Imagine a single person stealing the resources that belong to the entire village, local government or state and his personal family is not even up to 0.01% of the entire town, but he diverted ninety per cent of the entire resources to himself and his immediate family alone. He shared the remaining ten per cent with some selected privileged sycophants in his community to create divide-and-rule among the masses within their local communities.

When the federal agency comes up to investigate them, the same ignorant poor masses will rise up to defend and protect the elites that are responsible for their deplorable situation. With what we have been witnessing of the battle that the present administration has faced in its quest to rescue this country, it has made it known that the challenge of rescuing a nation like Nigeria from the jaws of the Hawks is not a child’s play.

What type of people are we in this country? What exactly are our problems? It’s only those confronting the challenges that really know where it pinches. May Almighty God support President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to enable him to rescue the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

No one wants to leave their offices handing over the responsibility of their previous offices to anyone who may ask them questions about how they rule and how they manage the affairs of their previous offices. When the new one eventually asks questions, he will be called out by the same masses he’s trying to rescue. In an attempt to clear the mess left by the previous government, they would tell him to leave the blame game and face governance. Imagine!

This is happening everywhere. Every part of the country. That is why our political system is not seriously working.
Unfortunately, no one links their local problems to their states or local government leaders. We all lay every responsibility on the purview of the leader at the federal level.
What are the responsibilities of our local and state leaders?

Nigeria is our country, I am talking as a citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, not as a Yoruba man.

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