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Tinubu and Support Groups have cause to rejoice despite challenges – Alawuje

Tinubu and Support Groups have cause to rejoice despite challenges – Alawuje

The supporters and electorates who voted President Bola Ahmed Tinubu in February , 2023 have no reason to regret their action and support as the president remains focused and will deliver the goods with time, despite current challenges.

This is the position of the National President of the Disciples of Jagaban, Comrade AbdulHakeem Adegoke Alawuje in a press statement made available to journalists on Wednesday.

He maintained that President Tinubu is a leader with the vision of egalitarianism and transformational skills who is not only dogged but focused on the balls

The press statement reads:

“I must first of all congratulate all the support groups. Every supporter of Jagaban and the unrepentant progressives have every reason to rejoice and celebrate for voting a courageous and the most prepared president for the liberation of Nigeria in the entire history of the West African country.

“Arguably, President Tinubu has no equals across the length and breath of this country, and he is sure to deliver, by the God’s grace.

“By His grace, all the support groups and individuals shall soon have reasons to rejoice and celebrate his successes as the President of the federal Republic of Nigeria. In the same vein, those who were against him in 2023 will soon come to regret and realise they actually wasted their votes for the opposition parties.

“Indeed, President Tinubu do know that Nigeria had been living a fake life for the past forty years and he is fully ready to set us free on the path of recovery, turning our challenges to stepping stones and successes.

“I make bold to say, come 2027, the opposition will have no meaningful basis to challenge Tinubu, using either religion or ethnics tool.

“Tinubu is a courageous and ambitious president who believe in true development and security of this country.

“Without doubt, we know our president can never be perfect. Perfection belongs to God alone, however, he has vindicated the choice of the Muslim-Muslim Ticket, which was only a circumstantial option, a product of necessity, born our of political expediency., However, religious bigots and sentimental crooks will take none of such albi. They simply cash in on the situation to score cheap political points. Hence, the need to keep educating the innocent Nigerians until success is achieved.

“Nigerians shouldn’t be too much in hurry for results, they only need assurances that though, Tinubu ‘inherited a comatose economy, he will l surely get it right with time.

“Of course, Nigerians are beginning to witness the relentless battle between the government and those who created the economic and insecurity.

“A testimony to this fact, is the recent acknowledgement of leading opposition figures like Chief Arthur Eze, Senator Ben Bruce amongst others, of President Tinubu’s achievements. They couldn’t pretend not to see the positive strides of his transformation agenda, despite daunting challenges. They opened up because they are of progressive minds. This is what some of us have seen in Mr President for a very long time,

For sure,, many who refused to say the truth are also aware of Tinubu’s potentials but their refusal was borne out of political harakiri and the desperation which won’t enable them see or do the right thing. Infact, what they see is Tinubu’s mistakes and are always quick to celebrate the misfortune in both social and traditional media.

“I hereby call on all Tinubu Support Groups across the world to sustain their moral, inspirational and corporate support for Mr president. I remember assuring the President during a visitation to Aso Rock villa for a dinner in the last Ramadan, that Almighty God who made him president will surely perfect his sojourn.

“For the support groups, let’s be assured that Mr president knows our value and worth, and he will never be ungrateful.

“Let the good work continue until success is achieved.

“May God assist Mr President and bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria”

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