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Tinubu’s Ability to win over Saudi Arabian government Is A reminder that Nigeria will be great again and a call for more patience with this administration — Tinubu Support Group, National Coordinator, Says

Tinubu’s Ability to win over Saudi Arabian government Is A reminder that Nigeria will be great again and a call for more patience with this administration — Tinubu Support Group, National Coordinator, Says

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It is time for those who don’t really believe in the Tinubu renewed hope agenda to start hoping in the government.

Disciples of Jagaban National coordinator Comrade Abdulhakeem Adegoke Alawuje, made this available to our correspondence on his way to Abuja on Monday.

We still have on planet earth some blessed countries that are really sincere in making others smile. It takes the discerning to recognize such countries and go all the way to make bilateral agreements with them for the benefit of all. Without playing to the gallery, one may achieve that as a head of a government. Tinubu is a sterling example of this quality. Let the doubting Thomases have a rethink. Tinubu means well for this country.

It may look fanciful if Tinubu approaches most western nations for support. Oh! we would all clap for him for bringing “investment” from the “advanced” nations. We may not be fully aware of the terms and conditions and how detrimental they may be even if they are coloured in beautiful words. But most of them are not sincere. They give you ten things while surreptitiously collecting one million in return.

No matter how brilliant or exceptionally smart you are, if Saudi government will not have anything to do with you, they will tell you straight away that they are not interested in partnering with you. However, when they tell you they are ready, their readiness is based on merit devoid of double standards like other usurping developed countries in the world.

It is time Nigerians started preparing for these unexpected opportunities. Losing such may be inimical to our progress and we may not gain such again. Sentiments apart, it takes a savvy leader like Tinubu to spot such opportunities and tap on them.

It is time for those who are privileged to be at the helms of affairs with Mr President to take a cue from his sincere posture. Every action of his pointedly depicts sincerity of purpose. We are lucky to have a president who listens. He learns and unlearns and he goes for the optimally best options. If those at the top with him also imbibe this beautiful trait, Nigerians are ready to support them in other to rescue ourselves from all kinds of worrieness deepening in our lives and written all over our faces.

I don’t like pretending. Some of us are really facing it. The time is hard, not because the government is not competent, but majorly because of the unfolding global realities which also affect Nigeria as a country. We are comfortable with it because some of us can testify to the effort of Mr President to get us completely out of the mess. Naturally, there are some disgruntled elements within our nation state whose every endeavor is to bring this nation down. Some of them are highly placed and they have their cronies in key sectors of the public. They would spare nothing to undermine the efforts of the government to deliver dividends of democracy to Nigerians. Let us all be aware of this and give the president the chance to redirect the ship of this nation to the promised land.

It will be our pleasure and everlasting celebrations if our principal successfully get it done because our faith and trust in him was not based on mere sentiments from the beginning but fully based on his capacity and capability. He has the track records. He is competent. He is not an accidental president. He is well prepared for the job and he is doing it right. Yet, he can not do it alone. He needs the unalloyed support of those with him to achieve his aims just as he needs the support of all Nigerians, home and abroad.

We need all our sincere spiritual leaders to return back to prayer houses and leave political field alone.

We as well call on all aggressive oppositions to get ready to assist Mr President to enable him rescue Nigeria and Nigerians.

For politicians to start looking for how to discredit the ruling party now is going to lead to serious frustrations and a very big misfortune for those who you all intended to govern.

If all other colleagues in support groups can conceptualize what we have contributed to have this government, we will realise the government is completely ours. If it fails, God forbids, we have all gallantly failed. Infact, the shock of the previous government we brought are still seriously hurting some of us in the street. Definitely, this very government must succeed, by the special forces and support of the Almighty God.

If Mr President is able to get three or four more sincere countries like that of Saudi Arabia, Nigeria will be better for it and it is a cause for celebration for Nigerians across the world.

It has to be those successful nations that have been surviving without the African wealth. it has to be the nation that our success will not have any negative impact on their development. It has to be a nation that sympathises and identify with us and understands the challenges facing Nigerians.

Please we need everyone’s hands to be on desk because Nigeria may not afford the luxury of trial and error years under a clueless government which some people are seriously wishing for us.

Tinubu has displayed how serious and how ready he is to get us the renewed hope as promised.

He had proven to us that he really means well for Nigerians. He is poised to especially change the story of Nigerian youths and masses.

The goal we envisage is worth the pains we are going through. Fortunately for Nigerians, Mr President is fully aware of all the situation and the circumstances that surrounded it. He is up to the task. We wish him well. Nigeria is on the right track.

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