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Tiv Man doesn’t offer his Wife to his Visitors for Sexual pleasure – Court 

Tiv Man doesn’t offer his Wife to his Visitors for Sexual pleasure – Court

Prominent indigenes of the Tiv stock in Benue State have applauded the decision of the State High Court, which declared that the Tiv man doesn’t offer his wife to his visitors for sexual pleasure.

The judgment to the effect was delivered by the Chief Judge of the State, Justice Maurice Ikpambese, while denouncing the claim that Tiv men offer their wives to their male guests and friends for sexual pleasure.

The judgment has also put to rest the age-long fallacy. findings reveal that this age-long wrong impression had spread for ages across the country and beyond but was recently escalated on a television show anchored by one Benita Akpofure.

To put a stop to the fallacy, the pan socio-cultural group of the Tiv nation, known as ‘Mzough U Tiv Worldwide’ through its President-General, Iorbee Ihagh, a retired Comptroller of Prison sought the decision of the court and dragged the Tiv Area Traditional Council to the state high court sitting in Makurdi.

Newsmediang checks reveal that the rumour must have been premised on the case between Chief Denen Tofi, a prominent Tiv man, and Ushe Uba in the 80s.

It was a case of adultery that was pursued to the Court of Appeal, and the charge was quashed for being incompetent based on the ground that adultery was not expressly prohibited on Tiv land.

In pursuant to the case, the plaintiff presented several documents to support the claim that was admitted in court.

The Chief Judge declared that the “plaintiff had successfully proved his case that a declaration in rem is hereby made that under Tiv native law and custom, a Tiv man doesn’t offer his wife to his visitors for sexual pleasure or any other immoral acts.”

The Mzough U Tiv President General, Ihagh,  said he is elated about the decision of the court.

According to him, as a plaintiff in the case, the wrong impression had been painted all these years that the Tiv people were an immoral group, but with the judgment, Ihagh said that the world would know that it was all a fallacy.

He said, “I am the happiest person now because the issue bordered on me and the entire Tiv race, which is the fourth largest ethnic group in the country.

“This was a rumour that had been pending against an ethnic group over the years, there was an incident some time ago, where a Tiv man who went to his girlfriend’s house and met another man there killed the man.

“So, if a Tiv man can do such a thing because of his girlfriend, how much will he do because of his wife?

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