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Turn your states of origins to bigger trade hubs than Lagos. Stop grumbling about demolition of illegal structures – Yoruba welfare group warns.


Turn your states of origins to bigger trade hubs than Lagos, Stop grumbling over demolition of illegal structures – Yoruba welfare group warns


*Turn your states of origins to bigger trade hubs than Lagos. Stop grumbling about demolition of illegal structures by the state by government. Lagos remains a Yoruba land.

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By Comrade Abdulhakeem Adegoke Alawuje.

Stop complaining on demolition of unwanted structures by the state governor. It is not compulsory you must trade in Lagos.

There is no state in Nigeria that cannot be turned to a greater state even more than Lagos. But you guys failed to ask all your previous governors what they have done with your states’ resourses.

It is time Yoruba sons and daughters took full control of all activities in their land.

Listen to this observation. it is high time we concentrated on the interest of our people and set aside our differences in faith.

The fact that they will not like to hear.

It was in the olden days that territories were grabbed through war. Occupation is a primitive practice. It is anti-civilization.

Sadly, Igbos are now planning to use political strengths to claim our land without sharing any border with us.

It is a big blow on our collective psyche.

The powers given to governors in the land is not a joke.

Yoruba should be warned. They have started planning 2027 elections already. Infact, with their elders at home, they are more interested in Lagos election than all their five States.

They are going to have heavy support and sumptuous contributions across the world from their diaspora members.

And at the same time, many Yoruba religious fanatics will be foolishesly be in their support. An orchestrated campaign through the alter would seriously unfold, engendering religious politics, but underneath which is the plot to take over other people’s lands.

This is the most important reasons why Yoruba sons and daughters should have to spring up and live up to the reality of our situation. Igbos are not to joke with.

A little political privilege given to them must stop. We consider them as part of Nigeria but they have started claiming the same right with the real indigenous people of Lagos. From where to where? Who does that?

No non-indigene would be given one percent of the chances given to them in other people’s land.

If it is not a crime for Igbos to deny other ethnics all rights; political , trading and cultural rights in their various states, definitely there will be nothing wrong in stopping them in other people’s land.

What happens during the EndSars protest and by extension during 2023 general Election is enough lessons.

It is clear that if we allow the same in 2027, the worst will happen to Yoruba heritage and tradition.

If our hospitality is not appreciated by their elders in their home states, who among their sons or daughters wouldn’t be allowed to ply their trades in Lagos. None of them can wake up and said Baba, “I am going to lagos” and the parents will allow him or her and even celebrate it in a big way that their children are going to lagos, yet, deny the real owners of that Lagos to move comfortably in any part of igbo land.

Let me use this medium to inform Yoruba sons and daughters of their hidden agenda.

If mistakenly the Labour Party governorship candidate win that 2023 election in Lagos.

They would have started appointing Igbos as first class traditional rulers. They planned to detrown the Oba of Lagos and replace him with someone who is half blooded Yoruba man and half blooded Igbo man.

Of the political chances that we have foolishly given them, we will be denied to have ten percent of it.

Fifty percent of Igbo traders across the world will return back to lagos and they would give them land allocations in our land.

Many Yoruba houses will be demolished and re allocated back to themselves.

Look I don’t care of what this write-up will cause in the public but that is just the truth.

Yoruba welfare group warns.

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