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Viral ‘Lori Iro’ preacher joins social media

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Evangelist Gbadamosi Ismail.

Viral ‘Lori Iro’ preacher joins social media


The preacher who went viral in the ‘Lori Iro’ video has joined Twitter and Instagram, popular social media platforms.

According to his Instagram page, his name is Evangelist Gbadamosi Ismail.

As of the time of filing this report, his account had over 2500 followers.
Gbadamosi became popular after a video showing him listing the different kinds of lies men tell ladies went viral.

He ended each of the lies with the phrase ‘Lori iro’ (meaning all lies).

The catchy phrase soon became trends and got the creative juices of skit makers moving.

A post on the evangelist’s Instagram page shows him thanking the person who recorded the video which went viral.

He said, “I never knew that a day will come when all these videos of me that people take whenever I’m evangelizing will become useful and popular.

“Many took the videos to laugh, some to mock me, some to truly hear the message, but for me, I don’t mind whichever it is, if that is what it takes to get my message across!

“Thank you, Jesus, the giver of all grace. Whoever took this one too, I’m grateful!”

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