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Why I Must Marry a Rich Man” –Lady Reveals

Why I Must Marry a Rich Man” –Lady Reveals

Why I Must Marry a Rich Man” –Lady Reveals

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A Nigerian podcaster resolves to marry a wealthy man in order to avoid making the same mistakes her parents did by not marrying a wealthy spouse.

Pearl spoke on the Rated Eighteen podcast, where she insisted that she would not repeat the mistake of not marrying into a wealthy family.

According to her, her father is not wealthy, and she must marry a wealthy man in order to avoid repeating the same history of not having enough wealth.

She went on to say that even wealthy people seek to marry into a wealthy family.

She used the fact that not even Dangote’s offspring are marrying impoverished people to support her point.

Pearl emphasized that because her father is not rich, she must get married to a man that is rich.

Watch her speak below …

See reactions which trailed her opinion …

@Rohees_ said: “Your papa no rich, you sef no wan rich, say no to trans generational poverty o.”

@gynola_ola stated: “I wish everyone will stop being triggered with what some of these ladies say on podcast, it’s their opinion… Everyone with their own life…”

@The_Blaq_FX penned: “Continue… so with that example Dangote children don’t marry from the poor families, meaning that the rich only marry the rich and this two ladies say that they are from a poor family.. so indirectly rich people can’t marry them bcuz Dey are poor…una Dey think well b4 una talk”

@yinkapee stated: “I Dey with you girl

But why don’t you get rich

Dem don curse una for una family say you no fit rich again?”

@Hemhem4361 reacted: “Why can you find a way to make yourself rich”

@Bethel_Anun wrote: “So as your papa no rich, have you personally made the wealth he didn’t make?”

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