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Why I Titled My New Song ‘Men Are Crazy’ – Simi

Why I Titled My New Song ‘Men Are Crazy’ – Simi

Nigerian songwriter, Simi has revealed why she named her song ‘Men Are Crazy’. In April, the songwriter teamed up with Tiwa Savage to release the song — which stirred mixed feelings due to its title.

Simi, on the recent episode of way up with Angela Yee, said she chose ‘Men Are Crazy’ as her song title because she knew it would attract massive engagement from the opposite sex.

The singer said she initially had no intention of explaining her reasons for the title because people would understand better when the song hit streaming platforms.

Simi also acknowledged that the online reactions to the title increased anticipation for the song.

“You know it is actually very interesting. When we put out the name for the song, I think it was about a week before the song actually came out,” she said.

“So Tiwa and I posted like pictures from the video and we just posted men are crazy out and the men went crazy. I honestly was not going to go on an explaining spree at the time.

“I was like when the song comes out, they would understand what I am trying to say. Obviously, that also contributed to the PR or the rollout of the song.”

Simi broke into the limelight with her single ‘Tiff’ in 2014.

Simi was signed to X3M Music label in 2014 but exited in May 2019 following the expiration of her contract.

In June 2019, she launched her record label called Studio Brat.

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