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Why Nigeria is difficult to understand

When President Jonathan introduced the national identity card registration in 2013, I went to register that same year. I announced it on Facebook then. The staff were begging people to come for registration then. It was free. Some weeks or months after registration, they sent me an sms to come and collect my National ID card.

President Buhari and VP Osinbajo were not in government then. They did not register then because it was not their administration. It was only when they took office in 2015 that they registered.

When people talk about patriotism in Nigeria, I laugh. Many are only patriotic when they are in government or their “people” are in power.

When Buhari made it compulsory to use national identity registration to obtain the national passport, people began to troop into NIMC offices across the country. It became a racket for staff of NIMC.

Then when the government announced the deadline for linking phone lines with people’s NIN, it became like a stampede at NIMC offices.

Unfortunately, the same government that is advising Nigerians to beware of contracting COVID-19 by avoiding crowded places is the same government that has given a deadline to Nigerians while a global pandemic is on, and is watching Nigerians besiege NIMC offices nationwide to get their NIN, thereby spreading the virus.

Nigeria is difficult to understand.

By Azuka Onwuka.

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