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Kogi landlords now prefer renting houses to Yahoo boys – Estate manager cries out

Kogi landlords now prefer renting houses to Yahoo boys – Estate manager cries out

An estate Manager in Kogi State, Peter Suleiman has decried the spate at which landlords are giving their houses to tenants who are known for Internet fraud, otherwise known as Yahoo boys, instead of people doing genuine business.

Speaking to newsmen on Monday, Suleiman disclosed that this development is encouraging crime in Kogi State.
According to him, many house owners have hiked their yearly house rent without doing any renovations.

Suleiman, who is the Chief Executive Officer, of Good Trust Estate Management Limited, admonished the State Government to urgently check the excesses of the landlords, warning that their continued exploitation of genuine citizens will spell doom for the state.

He said: “It is quite unfortunate that landlords in Lokoja and its environs prefer to give their houses to Yahoo boys instead of law-abiding citizens.

“Just recently, the Economic and Financial Crime Commission, (EFCC) apprehended some Yahoo boys in Lokoja. Since they now know that staying in a hotel will expose their nefarious activities, they now prefer renting houses.

“When they approach these landlords, they can pay for a single or room and parlour self-contained for two or more years at a high amount. Can you imagine, if you approach these landlords for the house, they will open up to you that if you are not a Yahoo boy, they won’t give you their house, because they are not sure if you can pay the next rent.

Also, they will insist that you pay for two years.
“The essence of them insisting on Yahoo boys is that they know those guys will not stay fully in the house before exiting. What is now the hope of the common man who is doing genuine business on the street? This is promoting cyber fraud. Everybody can not commit cyber fraud or Yahoo Yahoo as they all call it.

“The Kogi State Government should as a matter of urgency come up with a policy to checkmate the excesses of these house owners in Lokoja and other parts of the state before all our children, including our young generation, see Advance Fee Fraud as the best line of making money.”
He equally expressed concern at the high number of fake house agents operating in the state.

“These fake house agents masquerading around are the people deceiving this landlord by bringing Yahoo boys who will pay heavily for house rent.

“Kogi State is a civil service state and does not deserve this level of exploitation amidst this harsh economy. Recently, I was managing one house, and the landlord called me that he had jacked up his rent from N150,000 to N600,000.

“I now asked, what are the modalities for this sudden increase when there is no new renovation in the house? He told me openly that ib the next compound, an agent brought some boys that paid N700,000 for house rent, and I expected him to still remain with the old price.

“This is barbaric, satanic and should be stopped. If not urgently addressed, Kogi State will be snowballing into a hub of cyber fraud simply because of the mindset of these landlords who want to amass quick wealth for themselves without considering the implications.”

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