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She doesn’t know that I know…

She doesn’t know that I know…

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I got married to my wife Preye when I was still a struggling young man. I just got out of the university and was managing my life with a job I got at ShopRite. The salary was okay for a young man like me. I met her when she came to visit her younger sister who happened to live in the same compound as me, she was just fresh out of the university to acquire a skill and along the line, we both fell in love and began to date.

Preye got pregnant a year into the relationship and I took up the responsibility of taking care of her. I couldn’t allow the woman I loved so much to be humiliated so I sought her family’s approval and did the necessary rights and she became my wife.
We have been married for seven years and in those seven years, heaven smiled at me and I hit it big, giving her the kind of luxury life she deserved.

How did I make it?
I mistakenly picked up a wallet from someone one afternoon inside my place of work (ShopRite). There were pounds in the wallet amounting to 35 million naira. My conscience couldn’t allow me to keep what does not belong to me and moreover, I wasn’t brought up to keep what isn’t mine. Two days later I reached out to the owner and gave her back her wallet. Luckily for me, it was an English Lady who came for something very important.

She couldn’t thank me enough and offered to help get me a better job as a way to say thank you. She kept to her promise and got me a mouth-watering Job in a multi-billion naira company that had me travelling to the US for a six-month course. This happened in our third year of marriage and we moved From Enugu State down to Abuja. Our life changed after that encounter.

My wife began eating and dining with the happening people in the society. I sent her back to school and stopped her from giving birth since we already had two boys. I needed her to concentrate on her education as a medical student. Sending her to school became my worst nightmare.
She is 26 while I’m 30. She’s very beautiful and intelligent which were the first attributes that attracted her to me. My wife got caught up with school life so she shifted away from being the wife and mother I knew of.

She became entangled with the son of a prominent politician where money rains. He gave her expensive gifts and promised her things that I couldn’t afford. I’m not making money rain, but the position I find myself in is okay for me. At least I can travel for a vacation if I want to.
I was not always around due to the nature of my job, my wife saw it as a yardstick to move around the city of Abuja with her newfound love. I refused to believe what people told me about her until I began to investigate myself. My wife who couldn’t wait to dive at me in the bedroom, became very cold and withdrawn towards me. The servant became everything to my kids including a Mom.

One night I bumped into her and her lover after I lied to her that I was travelling for work purposes. I saw her in the hotel, grinding with her new boyfriend. I left to go home and pretended as if nothing happened. I cloned her WhatsApp and got the shock of my life.

“My wife was planning to assassinate me so that she would be free to leave me without anyone questioning her decision”
Her new found girl friend gave her the idea and everything has been put in motion. As a matter of fact, I will be assassinated by Friday night on my way back from work cos I usually arrive home by midnight. She has been all nice and sweet since this week.
What did I do wrong?
Can’t she leave me without trying to take my life?
Well, I have decided to give her the shock of her life on Friday.




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