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‘Old Soldier’: 91-year-old says he’s been a security guard in Imo school for 54 years

‘Old Soldier’: 91-year-old says he’s been a security guard in Imo school for 54 years

Godson Iruka, a 91-year-old security guard at Government Secondary School Owerri, says he has been on the school’s payroll for 54 years.

Iruka, who hails from Oboro-Ogwa in Mbaitoli LGA of Imo, said he was employed as the school’s security guard in 1970 and has seen more than 25 principals through the years.

A member of the administrative department of the school confirmed Iruka’s longevity on the job.

Popularly known as an ‘old soldier’, Iruka said he could still withstand the pressure from students and was still capable of whipping recalcitrant wards into line.

He added that he has not stopped doing things students know him for, including lifting them when they challenge him to a fight, jogging in the mornings, and reporting to work regularly and on time.

“As I speak to you, I am 91 years old, but I am still strong and sound. It is by the grace of God and being fair and honest,” he said.

“I came into this school in 1970, although, the management had regularly swapped me into a chef role because they have implicit confidence in me.

“I see school as my home and the students as my children. So many of the old boys always come to me for appreciation.

“There are so many of them who are very rich now and in positions of authority in government. Like, whenever they have an old boys reunion, they feel so happy seeing me not just alive, but hale and hearty.

“Most of them have supported me and my family financially and otherwise.

“And for the school principals and teachers, I can’t thank them enough for the massive love they have shown to me over the years. I will continue serving the school till I die.”

He said some of the challenges confronting the younger generation are impatience and the quest for money, adding that these factors have sent most to early graves.

“Patience is the key to success. I always advise young people not to be desperate in search of their desires,” he said.

“Many have died as a result of that. But I am very happy that students of this school who passed through me, are doing very well in business and politics.

“And I pray they go higher in life.”

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