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One of the most demanded commodities in our modern society today is sex, it’s not just the most sought-after but also the one most people are interested in.

The rate at which nude pictures and videos get high hit views tells you the level of appetite the youth today especially, have for sex.

Sadly they don’t know sex goes beyond penetration, romance or kissing and that it is also spiritual and emotional.

Young ones today cannot wait to have sex. They are experts at it; no wonder some old people like to employ the services of younger persons.

Our parents are failing; they have left their responsibility to the society. The youth trust the internet more than their parents, and many confide in their friends more than in their parents.

Singles are so easily available for sex these days and therefore their hearts can’t be faithful; it’s no surprise infidelity is on the high. It’s so hard to find true virgins these days yet so common to find a sex pro at the age of 18 years.

Many are not aware that having sex with anyone you are not married to is just like using super glue to stick two bodies together as one. People are joining themselves as strangers in the name of love, and dating relationships.

Truth be told, the best gift this present generation has is dating; the process of studying, examining, scrutinizing and knowing a stranger before you get married to them.

It is a great deal of foolishness for anyone to have sex with someone they are only studying. People do it and as time goes on, they get to find out the true colour, character, personality and heart of the people they are studying.

In most cases, the result is, that they were a bad choice. At this point, separation becomes the only option but they find it impossible because of the sex they had.

The resulting pains and hurt one gets when they try to separate from this relationship makes them think it’s because they were in love. One part of them wants it, the other doesn’t.

So instead of going their separate ways, they fight to hold on or better still try to change their partner. The more they try, the more disappointed they become. They don’t know which relationship status to take; Complicated?

Trying to work? Leaving? Gone? Don’t know? The pain can be equaled to the feeling one gets when two bodies joined with super glue, pull away in opposite directions.

You are single because God is busy preparing you for the best marriage, and not just that, he is also preserving you for someone of His heart, a person who deserves and knows the gift you are to them.

Don’t mistake attraction for love, beautiful eyes don’t mean a beautiful heart. A beautiful heart has God, it doesn’t walk on its own but on the path of God.

It takes such a heart to have the best relationship. In conclusion “Let there be no sexual immorality, impurity, or greed among you. Such sins have no place among God’s people” – Ephesians 5:3.

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