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UK set to pay Asylum seekers £3,000 to move to Rwanda

UK set to pay Asylum seekers £3,000 to move to Rwanda

Migrants whose asylum claims have been rejected in the United Kingdom are being offered a relocation incentive of £3,000 ($3,800) to settle in Rwanda.

This was reported by the local press on Tuesday.

This new initiative, part of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s comprehensive strategy to curb irregular migration, is an addition to existing schemes facilitating the return of failed asylum seekers to their home countries.

However, it specifically targets individuals who cannot return to their countries of origin.

Despite the ongoing plan to deport illegal arrivals to Rwanda, which has encountered legal challenges due to concerns regarding the country’s safety, the cash-for-relocation offer does not supersede it.

To navigate these legal obstacles, the government has introduced legislation aimed at designating Rwanda as a “safe” country.

However, the proposed bill has encountered resistance, with the House of Lords passing five amendments that could potentially impede its ratification.

These amendments would make it more difficult for the House of Commons to declare Rwanda as “safe” and would demand adherence to both domestic and international law.

Under this bill, judges would be mandated to recognize Rwanda as a safe country, and ministers would gain authority to overlook certain aspects of the Human Rights Act.

Kigali has received $300 million from London in exchange for agreeing to accept deportees.

Despite this financial arrangement, no deportation flights have occurred since the deal was struck in April 2022, due to legal challenges and international criticism.

Despite these obstacles, Prime Minister Sunak remains resolute in his determination to move forward with the plan.

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