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You are ranting rubbish, busy teaching nonsense to the incoming generation of Igbos, YWG lectures Igbos leaders.

You are ranting rubbish, busy teaching nonsense to the incoming generation of Igbos, YWG lectures Igbos leaders.

Stop celebrating ignorance. Dangote alone have more than what the coalition of all Igbos have in Lagos and Tinubu has done more than what Igbos really deserved for them.

Yoruba Welfare Group National President responds to unwarranted messages of some Igbo leaders.

Wonders shall never end, for; how could someone relate the recent vituperations of some Igbo leaders, claiming to be the ones who made Lagos a mega city and another one claiming Igbos are marginalized by the present government in terms of appointments.

The two publications read:

“Igbos developed Lagos. They are the pioneers, heroes of modern Lagos, by Onnanse General.

And this one by Professor Charles Nwekeau, the Secretary General, Igbos Elders Forum:

” If you don’t want to include the Igbos in the governance of Nigeria, let the Igbos Be Apart – Charles Nwekeaku –

To start with, it is needless to say you guys are either ignorant of Lagos state and the trajectory of it’s historical development or you are deliberately spewing nonsense in the public space due to your incurable avarice to reap where you did not sow or both. You are not also aware of what inclusivity in governance is all about.

You people have the penchant to always play victims when actually you want to eat your cake and still have it. If anything, the Igbos second name could be “land grabbers” . They will never cede a meter of land in choice areas in Aba, Onitsha, Awka or Enugu for other tribes to build even a shop. Many westerners are living in squalor in the East till the present day.

I find it difficult to fathom how a set of people would be so openly avaricious and niggardly, not wanting to let go of his own property, yet would want every belonging of others to himself.

Are we talking of Igbos of the 70s or 80s in Surulere, Ladipo, Mushin and other places in Lagos who migrated to Lagos with little or no skills, formal or informal, going about selling carpets, Phensic, Alabukun etc.. They now suddenly wake up and claimed to be the ones who developed Lagos. How best have they developed Enugu, Aba, Onitsha, Owerri and other cities in the East? Charity begins at home, they say. Why they didn’t reflect this developmental mentality and proweress in their own home states still remain a puzzle.

What are we talking about here? Lagos that had its first rail line to Abeokuta while the East was still in darkness was not a no man’s land. The Yorubas built Lagos to a business destination and that is why the Igbos found it fascinating to migrate en mass to it.

Or was it selling fake products, running drug cartels and robbing others of their belongings some people called development?
Anywhere you here Nigerian drug barrons being nabbed and executed from Saudi Arabia to Indonesia or Malaysia and to other places through out the world, eight out of ten would be of Igbo extraction. People are now afraid to trade with Nigeria. They would be the ones being chased away in South Africa or Dubai or Turkey. They spoiled the name of this nation abroad to the extent that Nigerians are not trusted anywhere. Enough is enough of these parasites. If they want to live this country, I beg, who is stopping them?

One could only imagine what our lots could have been if these people succeeded in installing Chinedu of LP as our governor in Lagos. Heaven would have been let loose. Our entire lives could have been seized.

This is a wake-up call to the bad eggs among the Yorubas who were solidly behind Obi and LP candidate in Lagos for shear religious sentiments. You people could have put us in trouble by now.

And what is more? They are even alleging marginalization. I laughed. In Jonathan government, where none of Yorubas could be seen within the number one to eleven, Yorubas never asked to be apart. Yorubas were almost totally forgotten in the scheme of things as if we were not human beings. Did you see us shout marginalization?
Absolutely no.
But this guy is not ranting about that. Do you know why? He is not ignorant of how Lagos was developed but only try to deceive his people. He wants to be seen as being fit for the position of President General. He is only displaying his shenanigans.

But Mr Prof, hear me out. Being a professor is not enough to have every education in all ramifications. One may be educated but not enlightened. You must not say things that would drag your profession in the mud.

It is unfair and it a great insult to the entire Yoruba sons and daughters for the Igbos to capitalize on our hospitality to now turn around and call us fools to our face.

Be told, Dangote’s investments alone in Lagos is more than the entire Igbos investments in Lagos. Dangote’s investments in lagos is helpful to our sons and daughters in our land while your own business are here to usurp our lands and steal our dignity. Your investments are toxic in our community to say the least.

If you want to be part of the position in governance, call all your National assembly members and all your ministers appointed by Mr president back home. Mr President has been more than magnanimous to have appointed so many Igbos in important positions in his government after all you people did to his businesses and interests during the #EndSARS protests and during and after the elections. You people like eating your cakes and still have it. During the elections, you forgot about Biafra. You rolled out all your political cooperate strength strongly behind the LP candidates so brazenly as if tomorrow would not come. After the election, when your presidential candidate did not win, you started your old rantings that will not take you anywhere. Why didn’t you first of all called up your members of the National Assemblies and the ministers to resign their appointments before asking us to leave you to go your ways. This is something you can do voluntarily and it is within your power. Why first asking for something outside of your power. You always transfer the blame to others instead of going back to the drawing board to chart a new cause.

The recent ranting of Chief Nwayau, the Onnanse General, is calling more attentions of the entire Yoruba sons and daughters to something serious. It is a negative signal to us.
infact, it draws our minds to start regretting our kindness to you people in all part of Yoruba land.

If what you claimed is true, how dare you love other states outside your region to the extent of developing them and leave your own five states as cemetery ?

Yoruba land would have been more liberated, would have been more decent, would have been more crime-free if that mistake of our unbridled hospitality to your region was not there at the first time.

You hate all other ethnics in the country. You disrespect and disregard other ethnic traditional and political leaders. Unfortunately for you, none of you can survive at home. How can you be a set of people who doesn’t stay at home yet are bad visitors in other people’s lands.

It is a serious disaster and ignorance for Igbos to ever have it in their mind that they did what their entire region can not accumulate or generate in the next hundred years in another region.

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